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CISA's main establishment is located on a 15000m2 campus in Camama, Chimbicato, the province of Luanda. It is endowed with a wide variety of academic buildings and leisure zones, from a theater hall and cafeteria to a swimming pools zone, vast green sport fields and multiple playgrounds. Offering a complete pedagogical ecosystem in which our students can thrive and grow into life-long learners.

Being the first of its kind in Angola, our campus hybridize different elements inspired from the best educational institutions across the world, combined harmonically to create the perfect pedagogical space that ergonomically integrates with the environment and the students, offering confort, easy access, and an organised territory in which our students are nurtured and their thought process refined.



CISA opened its doors in 2019 and has since established itself in a short amount of time as a strong source of high level education in Luanda. Our Campus provides all the essential tools and elements for every student to experience a healthy balanced school life, which will keep them happy, curious and always ready to discover new things. The environment of CISA's campus will guarantees your child to create countless happy memories, life lasting friendships and enjoy stimulating green zones in which they can play, express themselves and keep a close connection with nature.



At CISA we believes in the importance of teaching the coming generations about the values of our natural environment and how to respect and protect it. CISA's campus has over 40 trees including our 2 famous colossal "Imbondeiros" (Adansonia digitata) as well as over 500m2 of green spaces with real grass including a football field, multiple playgrounds, and an agriculture garden. Supplying our students with natural shading, vast green fields for playtime/leisure and an opportunity to bond with nature and instinctively develop an appreciation for the natural world and a need to protect it.

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